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Customer Service

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Shipping Information

We receive shoes and leather items from all over the United States. If you would like to ship us something for repair, please include a note with what it is you want done, and PLEASE include contact information-especially a daytime phone number and/or e-mail address. As soon as we receive your items we will call you with a good-faith estimate and a projected turnaround time. Our policy is to complete every project and send it by return shipping within a week. So, if you ship things to us via two-day air, you should have them back within ten days, including repair, shipping and handling.

We contract our own shipping with UPS or FEDEX. If you have a FedEx account, send us your FedEx number and we will return your items in care of your account without additional handling charges at our end.

Take note that we are responsible for your items while they are at our facility, we are not responsible for items that have been shipped, we will ask you to insure your items before been mailed, fees will apply.  

Good work requires a certain time investment on our part. Nevertheless, we realize that sometimes you get caught behind the eight ball time-wise. If you need things back urgently (for example, for a wedding or special event), you can send items to us via next-day service. We will attempt to turn the product around that very same day. Or in a real time crunch, bring the item in and we can work on it while you listen to the radio-light classical. We prefer a little more lead time, but if you're in trouble, we're here to help you.