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Please fill out the form below.  Briefly describe the problem or problems you'd like us to fix on your items.  Even if you want us to fix just one shoe, always send us both of them. When you complete the page and click “submit,” it will generate a printable form with your confirmation number.  Please print this form and include it when you box up your items for shipping. When we receive your goods we will call or e-mail you with suggestions and an estimate for the repairs (please refer to our price list). We will consult with you before beginning to work on your items so that we all agree as to what should be done and how much it will cost.  We will not bill your credit card until your items are ready to be shipped back to you.  We normally ship via UPS Ground or FEDEX, but we can expedite shipping if you prefer, at an additional charge.

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  • Cleaning:

    1) May cause all material types to become tender, stiff, brittle and may cause some buckling and peeling.

    2) Shrinkage of all material types is unpredictable and may occur.

    3) Slight changes in shades or top finish may occur on all material types.

    4) Scars on leather skins which were covered over by the manufacture could show afterward.

    5) Breaks and skin lines may show to be more apparent.

    6) Unevenly matched skins are common and may show more uneven.

    7) May cause bleeding on all material types, which in turn causes change of color.


    We cannot guarantee that all cleaning request will meet products original condition but we will do our best.


    1) We cannot guarantee that the color will match the given swatch 100%.

    2) Certain imperfections in the construction of the item may become visible after the item is dyed.

    3) The dyed color may look different when viewed in different types of lighting.

    4) If shoes are worn in the rain or come in contact with water the color may come off and/or bleed onto a material.

    5) The color may fade or peel as a result of regular use.


    Shoe repair/Handbag Repair or Alterations:

    1) We cannot guarantee that all shoe repair/ handbag repair/ alterations request will meet products original condition but we will do our best.

    2) We are not responsible for measurements taken for someone else but our own personnel in our facilities, if you took your own measurements and mail your items to be altered it’s under your sole responsibility.

    Shoe stretching:

    1) May cause some wrinkling, buckling and peeling.

    2) Slight changes in shades or top finish may occur on all material types.

    3) Stretching the width may or may not give you more room in the length.

    4) Stretching may cause some finished imperfections on the innersole and/or lining.



    1) After one month from the date received items are sent to storage, fee of $5 per month will be applied.

    2) After six months from the date received items will be disposed at our own discretion.

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