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Polishing and or conditioning your shoes not only keeps them looking good, it also protects your investment and your feet. Watch for wear on the heels and tips. When this starts getting close to the sole, have tips and heels replaced before the sole gets involved.

Consider having rubber taps added to your shoe tips or heels for added protection against wear. Also consider a sole guard application for non-slip protection. Remember, we have in stock an exact match for 100% rubber sole guards for Christian Louboutin red and Tiffany blue soles.

Be careful when using creams and conditioners as they can affect the sheen and color of your shoes. If the insole is the same color as your shoe, try a little conditioner there first as a test. Otherwise test at the heel of your shoe (left side of right shoe or right side of the left shoe) in order to be as inconspicuous as possible.

If you can ever see the heads of screws or nails in your heels or soles, have your shoes looked at right away by a professional.