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Established 1973

Customer Service

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Our Policies

Our highest priority is to go beyond our customers' expectations, while meeting their needs with friendliness, good humor, and respect no matter what the occasion or circumstances. In each and every repair we pledge to offer the best of our experience and abilities to help you resolve your repair problems, not only to surpass your expectations, but to meet our own as well. We will offer you outstanding value for the work done by our people in our store. If you send us items by parcel post, we will call you to discuss your options, the cost, the turn-around time, and any possible risks. We will inform you before taking any action on goods that you send us for repair and we will enter details of our discussion in our computerized client database. If you drop off your items we will discuss with you all details before starting to work. We will ask you to initial the work order in order to authorize the agreed-upon repair and cost. Sometimes a repair can be more complicated than originally thought. We won't pursue any repair that would go beyond the original price quote without your ok. You have the right and we ask you to discuss with us any way in which you are dissatisfied with our work. We will make it right. In addition, we pledge to you that our store will be kept neat, professional and inviting.

Payments and Pick Ups

We accept cash, most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) and money orders. We cannot accept personal checks or travelers checks.

For repairs of over $80 we ask for a deposit of 50% which will, of course, be applied to the final cost of the work.

If for any reason you decide not to go ahead with your repair, as long as we haven't begun, we will return your deposit in full.

To pick up your products, you should bring the repair ticket that was given to you when you dropped off your items for repair. If, for whatever reason, you lose your ticket, you will need to describe the item and show us a picture ID. We keep records of all transactions and we can match your name with your item for a secure return to you of what is yours.

If you can't come in to pick up your repaired item(s) you can give the repair ticket to a friend. Anyone with that ticket can pick up the work (assuming they pay the balance), so keep your ticket safe. If you lose the ticket, call us and let us know NOT to honor it.

Very Important: After 1 month from the date received items will be sent to storage, fee of $5 PER MONTH WILL BE APPLIED, after 6 months from the day received, we will disposed the items at our own discretion.

Turn-around time

At Santana Creative we believe that being punctual is a way to show respect and consideration for our customers. We understand that you may need your shoes or other items by a certain date, so we ask you to read carefully your repair ticket which specifies the date and time that you can pick up your items. We make it our goal to turn around our work within seven days, although special or original materials could take longer due to circumstances beyond our control. If we are going to be late on returning your things, we'll contact you twenty-four hours in advance in order to save you the trip. If you are in dire need of a repair, like for a wedding or graduation or some such "life event," we will try our best to meet your schedule.


We will keep your things in our shop for six months from the day that we received them. We will make every effort to contact you in case you may have forgotten your items. However, after six months, we will dispose the items at our own discretion.