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Mens Shoe Restoration

Sole Protection

This service consists in a very thin (1mm) half sole of pure rubber which doesn’t affect the look of the shoe or sole in any way. It adds longevity to the soles and provides a non-slip surface to leather soles. The sole guard we use is made to our specifications by an Italian firm. We keep in stock the most common colors: black, brown, tan and beige. In general, this type of sole goes well with a large number of styles and brands of shoe, particularly John Lobb, James Weston, Prada, as well as many others.


A heel can wear so much that the sole of the shoe is affected. You need to watch that your heels don’t wear excessively. Once the base (sole) of the shoe is worn, the repair is more complicated. Heels are easy to fix and not expensive. Heels can be of rubber, leather or a combination (English heels). If the sole becomes worn, running into the sole itself, the worn sole can be replaced or built up.

Rubber Soles

Depending upon the design and style of the shoe we can replace complete or half soles of either leather or rubber. We keep in stock a large number of replacement heels and soles. With leather replacement soles, we pay particular attention to the thickness of the soles in order to match original styling.


Shoe tips and heels suffer the most wear and abuse. Leather soles especially suffer wear at the tips. we recommend that you carefully watch your shoes so that wear doesn’t reach the toe box, which complicates repair. In other words, replace heels when needed and soles when you have to, but try to keep the leather uppers from being compromised by extensive wear to the soles or your shoes. Fixing such things will improve the look of your shoes as well as your gait.

Shoe Stretching

We can usually add width to men’s shoes. We can also add a size in length and raise the toe box as well. This is especially appealing if you have spurs or bunions or an ingrown toenail. These aren’t pleasant thoughts, but if you suffer from such maladies, it’s nice to know that your shoes can be adjusted somewhat to accommodate your needs. If possible, it is best in such situations to bring your shoes in, rather than ship them to us, so we can help you with a custom fit, particularly if you need some padding or softer material (like suede) for added comfort.

Cleaning Leather and Fabric

We can clean virtually any type of boot or shoe made from just about any materials. We have several options at our store for cleaning: steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and water cleaning with eco-friendly, plant-based solvents and special leather conditioning agents made in Germany. Cleaning involves some practice to see what will work best for your shoes. We have special conditioners for exotic leathers—like those of lizard skin, ostrich or alligator. These conditioners will help restore the original sheen and look of your exotic leather shoes as well as other leather products.

Touch Up

Touching up shoes restores the original color and sheen either of exotic or less- than-exotic leather. We can combine dyes to match your original color. In general we don’t touch up men’s shoes, and attempt to blend colors with creams and conditioners. We will touch up a shoe if it has deep scratches or cuts.


We recondition shoes, especially those made of exotic leather— particularly alligator shoes, that have lost their luster or original sheen. In a very dry climate, like out west, shoes can become overly dry and even crack. Leather conditioners help prevent this from happening. It is easier to keep good shoes from cracking than it is to make them look good once they are checked and dry, so be forewarned.


We can reinforce straps on sandals and boots if they are weak or loose. We can often repair the original strap. If not, we will replace it with one that looks as good as the original design. We can add patches and reinforcement inside the shoe that is virtually invisible.Patches When leather is cut or sliced, we can usually repair it with a patch on the inside of the shoe, or we can often replace the piece that has been damaged, like when a body shop replaces a fender without messing with the rest of the car. Our ability to make this work will depend in part on the leather pieces of your shoe and how the whole shoe holds together. The easiest situation, and the most common solution—from a repair point of view—is a thin internal patch. We grind the edge of the patch to keep an uneven edge from irritating your foot as you walk.


At Santana Creative we believe that style and comfort should go hand in hand. This doesn’t always happen, and some manufacturers seem to concentrate more on style than wearability. Plus, even with half sizes, it is impossible for shoe manufacturers to make a shoes with a custom fit. There are just too many measurements to keep in mind—overall length and width, internal seams, shoe box height, heel box width, where the ball of the foot falls, etc. Usually these problems take care of themselves as a shoe gradually contours to your foot just as a favorite pair of blue jeans will take on the shape of their wearer. But this can take some time for shoes, particularly if you don’t wear them often. We can help with the comfort side of the equation by providing extra padding as needed under the innersoles (either half or full pad) or particularly under the tongue of the shoe. We can open the stitching of the tongue, add thin but dense padding, and then close the stitching, matching the color and style of the stitches, and even using the same stitch holes. even you—except for the added comfort.


The innersoles of your shoes should be changed regularly. As these flatten out, your shoes will feel looser, and if the innersoles crack you might find your shoes emitting odors that you wish they wouldn’t. Fresh insoles can minimize such occurrences. Although no one sees the insoles while you are wearing the shoes, we recommend that when the insole fades such that the discoloration is noticeable when compared to the shoe uppers, it’s time to change the innersole. We keep these in stock at all times.

Heel Counter

If the shoe is weak, frayed or ragged at the heel on the inside of the shoe, while the outside still looks good, we can replace this inner heel counter. This is visible when you wear the shoes, so the problem should be taken care of. Sometimes this heel counter breaks down if you don’t use a shoehorn or if you jam your foot into the shoe without loosening the laces,and/or if you wiggle the shoe onto your feet with “no hands.” This might save your back, but it’s hard on the heel, and if the inside of the shoe isn’t resistant to such shenanigans, the material can break down. Take a little extra time to put your shoes on responsibly. They will last a lot longer.