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Christian Louboutin

Red Rubber Soles

This service consists of adding a half sole of thin, pure matching red rubber to leather-soled Christian Louboutin shoes. Leather, while beautiful and durable, can be slippery and dangerous on the bottom of a shoe. Our “Soleguard” layers are produced to our own specifications in Italy keeping the same red color with just 1.5mm of thickness. They will not alter the feel or look of new shoes, while adding a layer of comfort, safety and durability.

Refinish Soles

This service involves bringing the red Louboutin sole back to its original finish and luster. To do this, we use techniques that we have developed at Santana Creative along with products of the highest quality from Europe and South America. We can do as little as a touch-up or as much as a sole replacement or partial replacement, particularly replacing a damaged sole with our own red pure-rubber half-sole, which is a favorite of many or our customers. When we return your shoes, you will be tempted to think that they are a brand new pair. There are many ways to repair or adjust your shoes. If you have a special need or question, please call us. We would be delighted to talk to you about your repair options and costs.