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Bag Restoration

Bag Cleaning

We clean purses, wallets and bags of all sorts made of leather or other materials. We use a variety of methods as we do with shoes—steam, dry cleaning or water washing with eco-friendly vegetable-based solvents. We have special conditioners for exotic leathers—like those of lizard skin, ostrich or alligator. These conditioners will help restore the original sheen and the look of your exotic leather products.

Cleaning of any material also includes waterproofing, stain proofing and touch up at no additional cost.


Continued use can cause undue wear on purse straps or handles. This is especially true if the straps are not sewn, which adds bulk and strength to the strap. Some high profile companies will glue two leather pieces together over a central core of man-made material (a plastic or cellulose- base cord), thus avoiding sewn straps in order to achieve the look they want. With time, such straps can come unglued, leaving gaps and “raw” edges. The solution is to discuss with the client what she or he wants. We can often improve the strength of the strap, and we can match the original in color, texture and quality. We can often repair the strap internally and reglue it, so that it looks brand new. In either case, we use only leather as an internal core, never plastic or cellulose-based materials like paper or cloth.

Straps can have other problems like scuffing, gapping, coming unstitched or overly worn where they connect to hardware, etc. If you have questions, e-mail us at:
We try to answer all e-mails within 24 hours.


We keep stocked with a wide variety of zippers in myriad colors and lengths. If the zipper itself is not damaged, we can usually reuse the same zipper with new stitching. If the zipper is damaged we can match it. the most common colors for zippers are gold, silver, antique brass, black metal and black nylon.

Rips and Patches

We have a lot of experience in repairing purses of all kinds with problems in the stitching, in the reinforcing, with cuts, scratches, holes, etc. For example, one manufacturer in particular likes the look of heavy hardware with soft leather. This works as long as the reinforcing maintains its body. But when the reinforcing fails, the hardware overwhelms the leather and causes stretching, pulling, weakening, and gapping. We can fix this and pretty much any other problem you might have with purses and bags. We can replace entire pieces of leather, or whatever else might need to be done.


A very common problem with purses is not with the leather, but with the lining. Most linings are made of cloth; sharp points can snag a cloth lining and begin a process of unraveling or gapping. This is unsightly, although no one sees it but the owner, but just knowing that it is bad can bug a discriminating owner. Plus, it can be frustrating if your keys find the hole in the lining and “hide” between the lining and the leather outer layer of your purse or bag Or if the lining snags your keys or the clip to your pen, when you extract your item, you may pull out the entire lining as well, which may dump all your stuff on the floor. This needn’t occur. We can fix your lining long before you reach such an embarrassing situation.


Metal pieces like studs, rivets, eyelets, clasps, hooks, etc. can come loose from your purse or bag. Some companies provide hardware to businesses like ours. Others do not. Some companies don’t even handle replacement hardware. They have a proprietary interest in not aiding and abetting unscrupulous businesses that would buy cheap purses and add legitimate Gucci or Chanel hardware and pass a bag off as legitimate to unsuspecting customers. So if you have a loose Gucci or Prada buckle, SAVE IT. We can reattach it, but we cannot promise that we can find factory replacement parts for all designer purses and bags.